May 27, 2024


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How to Deactivate and Delete a Pinterest account

How to delete a pinterest account-foftact
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Pinterest is an American social sharing media. In this platform, you can find more than 100+ billion users. Here, people are sharing their impressive ideas and thoughts through images or videos. Users can collaborate with their friends. Also, you can discover many things via images or videos or GIFs. By using this Pinterest, in some time you may feel to take some break or you’ll find to close the account and wanted to create new ones. For all those purposes, I’ve found “how to deactivate and to delete the Pinterest account“. Wrap the article to know about the more.

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How to Deactivate and Delete a Pinterest Account?

You may feel to have some break on social media, for that purpose you’ll find to deactivate your Pinterest account. If you feel to close your account, by the time you’ll find to delete it permanently. Here I’ve mentioned a few steps for both deactivating and deleting process. These procedures will be applicable both inside the app and on the browser too. The deactivation process will be valid until you log in again to your Pinterest account and deleting a Pinterest account will lost all the stored data. Just follow the below-mentioned procedures to delete and deactivate your Pinterest account.

1. First of all, log in to your Pinterest account.

2. Then go to the Saved option that looks with the profile icon. After that, click the settings option which was located at the top right corner.

3. In settings options, there will be a option named Account Settings. Click the option.

4. Inside the Account Settings option, scroll down to see Deactivate your Account option and Close your Account option. Chose a suitable option which you want at that time.

5. Once if you have chosen to deactivate the account option, then your account will be deactivated and the account will be active if you logged in again. This option is for the people who are all taking rest on social media.

6. If you’ve chosen Close your Account option, then your account will be deleted permanently. Then the stored data will be cleared permanently. The close your account option is nearly equivalent to deleting your account permanently. Just make sure before choosing the option.

By following the above procedures, you can easily deactivate or delete yours in a very instant of time. It will be a simple process and an easy one too. Just make sure for the deleting process alone because the data which you’ve stored before on the Pinterest account will be deleted permanently. And that’s it, this is the easy way to deactivating and deleting a Pinterest account.



I’m concluding the article by conveying the summary in crystal clear. The article is all about the topic “How to deactivate or delete a Pinterest Account?“. Here I’ve mentioned only simple procedures and by following those procedures, you can easily deactivate or delete your Pinterest account in minutes. Just make eyesight on the procedures for the process. I hope this article will be helpful to the people who wanted to delete or deactivate their Pinterest Account.