June 20, 2024


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How to Run Windows 11 in Safe Mode?

How to Run Windows 11 in Safe Mode?
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We couldn’t say that all time your Windows 11 is running without any problem. There is a chance of occurring some problem with your newly upgraded Windows 11 desktop. In that case, the only choice you need to do is to start or boot your Windows 11 in a Safe mode. This safe mode troubleshoots the problem that occurs on your Windows 11 desktop and fixes those problems.

Also, if you’re facing any kind of problems in your system, then by using Safe mode, your computer may turn to normal mode. In recent times, everything has changed on Windows operating system. For example, if you want to run safe mode on Windows 07, you can do it by pressing the F8 function key. This concept is changed on Windows 10 and 11. At the end of this article, you’ll learn how to run your Windows 11 system in safe mode.

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How to Activate Safe Mode in Windows 10?

What is Safe Mode?

At first, Safe mode in Windows operating system is a feature that opens up the computer by avoiding unwanted or nonessential programs. This safe mode is used for many purposes like solving problems, problems, and for mainly used to troubleshoot the problem. Including this, if your system doesn’t start well, then by running safe mode, your Windows will become normal. For all these purposes, the safe mode is used. Now let’s see how to run Windows 11 in safe mode. Here’s how to do it.

How to Run Windows 11 in Safe mode?

If you run your Windows 11 in Safe mode, then your system will operate only the important and necessary programs. All the unimportant programs will not work. To run or boot your Windows 11 in safe mode, it can be done simply. The process to get into the safe in Windows 11 is done by getting into the boot mode options. Here are the procedures.


Solution: Using Advanced Options:

  • First of all, you need to enter into the advanced options. For this, go to Settings and select the option named “System“.
source: HowtoHGeek
  • Now after selecting System option, once again select the option named Recovery.
source: HowtoHGeek
  • On Recovery, there you can be able to see some options. In that, you need to select the option named Restart button. This Restart button will be located in the Advanced startup option
  • After this, you will enter into the boot options. There you can choose the Troubleshoot option to enter into the safe mode.
  • After selecting the troubleshoot button, select “Startup Settings“. Finally, select the restart button and then get into the safe mode.


Here’s a brief overview of the article. This article explains to you how to get into safe mode on Windows 11. If you are facing some issues or problems, then you can troubleshoot those problems by entering your PC in the Safe mode. The safe mode allows your PC to work only on essential files and the rest have remained unwanted. Follow up the procedures and solve the problems in your PC by entering into the Safe mode. And that’s it, you have successfully learned to get into the Safe mode on Windows 11.