June 19, 2024


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How to make a call over the Internet

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Usually, the phone calls are used to share certain information from one people to another one or more. But have you ever thought of communicating information without using phone calls in virtual? Other than phone calls we can use the Internet to make a call. Yes, we can make a call a call over the Internet in an instant of time. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and a browser. Here in this article, you can grab the steps about making free internet calls. No apps were required and we’re gonna use only the webpage to dial a number based on the country code. Let’s go-ahead with further information about Internet calls.

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Make a Call over the Internet:

To make a call over the Internet, first of all, there must be a stable Internet connection. Also, we can be able to make an internet call through the apps. But here I’m going to share how to make a call over the Internet without using the applications. If you don’t know how to make a phone call over the Internet without using the apps, then find out here in this article. The steps are also mentioned below for the usage of the webpage for making a call over the Internet.

1. Web Push Notifications:

Web push notification is a famous website that allows users to make free phone calls over the Internet. It can be any systems like PC or Mac th at supports Web Push Notifications. This Web Push Notification mostly allows making a call only to the Android devices. Also, this Web Push Notification supports Android devices with browsers like Chrome, Opera Mini, etc. And then, you can also be able to make a demo call instead of making the real ones. By viewing all the sides, this Web Push Notification is one of the best websites that provides free internet calls. To make a call over the Internet by using this Web Push notification, then follow the below-mentioned procedures.



1. First of all, open your browser and search for Web Push Notifications in Google or follow this link.

2. Up next, decide the number which you’re gonna dial in the dial pad that was located on the right side of the webpage.

3. Before entering the number, choose the country’s code based on the receiver.

4. Finally, after finishing all the above steps, click the call option to make an internet call.

2. Poptox:

Poptox is also the same format for making Internet calls as like of Web Push Notifications. The website allows the users to make free internet calls, VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol), and also landline calls. To access all these immersive features, you need a good internet connection, a PC or mobile device, etc. The website is user-friendly, which means that the users can be able to handle the website with ease. Below the procedure for making an internet call on this website will be mentioned. Take a look at the procedures.


1. At first, open any browser and search for Poptox in Google or else follow this link.

2. And then, after getting into the website, like above I’ve mentioned, choose the number which you’re gonna dial in the dial pad. Make sure of giving the correct number.

3. Then, give the correct country code based on the receiver who receives the call.

4. That’s it, when you followed the above steps, then you can be able to make an internet calls for free.


Finally, we’re in the summary part. The article is all about the process of making a call over the Internet. For this thing, here by viewing the article, you can be able to grab the solution for making an internet call. Two best websites were mentioned here with crystal clear procedures in making internet calls. Also, there’s a paid version of available packages, and if you wish you can. I hope that the article will be useful at some point.