April 10, 2024


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How to Share Passwords using Lastpass?

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If you want to watch a movie on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix, and you have forgotten the family or friend’s account password, then it means that you’re in an inconvenient situation. In that time, you will ask your friend or family member to share the account’s password. To save or to share a password, you can use password manager tools.

While discussing password manager, Lastpass is a password manager tool that is used to share passwords between persons. Nowadays, technology is well developed in many countries and everything came into online. Some of us couldn’t remember all the passwords which we were assigned before. So to remember all those passwords, you can use the password manager tool.

Also, sharing passwords online isn’t too safe. But Lastpass can be used to share passwords with more security. The passwords in the LastPass are encrypted and only the person who shares the password has the access to the entire thing. In this kinda tool, I’m going to guide you on how to share passwords using Lastpass?. Let’s open up the article to find further processes.

How to Share Passwords using Lastpass?

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How to Use Lastpass to Share Passwords Online?

Suddenly one day, if your friend or family member asks you to share any kind of password, then you’ll send it online. But sending it directly by email or message isn’t too safe. Passwords are highly confidential and you need to share them securely. Here in this article, I’ve mentioned how to share passwords online by using the Lastpass password manager tool. Here’s how to do it.

  • First of all, open your LastPass vault. If you don’t have the account on Lastpass, then you need to create an account. For that, just navigate to this page and fill the details and finally add the browser extension.
  • After opening your LastPass vault, now you need to select the option named Passwords, that will be located in the left side of the page.
  • Once after selecting the passwords button, your saved passwords will appear immediately. In that page, you can be able to edit or delete or share that specific password.
  • On passwords option, choose the password which you want to share. Now in that file, move your mouse curson on the file and select the share button
    which is in between the edit and delete button.
  • Finally, enter your recipient’s email address to share the secured password with them. Once if you entered the email ID, then click Share button to share the password.


Here’s the conclusion of the article. This article is about how to share passwords using Lastpass. Lastpass is a password manager web browser extension that is used to share or store passwords online. To share a password online, then you need to use a secured tool. Lastpass is very much secured and you can share your saved passwords online using this Lastpass tool. And that’s it, you have successfully learned how to share passwords using Lastpass.